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Pansonic AC Repair & Service

Like it occur in almost all the air conditioners repair and maintenance are a part of the product itself. The most important thing for any customer is how the maker will respond to their issues faced with the products. Therefore, companies like Panasonic have taken utmost care to create its service department as it would be the only place where their clients will call them in case of any issues faced.

Panasonic has created a service plaza where the clients will go in case there the Panasonic AC needs to be repaired. This plaza has a demonstration area where the shoppers can check their ACs. Additionally they keep a spare area which has all the fast moving spares so any minor repair can be done on immediate basis. The plaza also has a storage area where all the repaired AC’s are kept. It also maintains a service area which has all the newest gadgets to test the product causing trouble. Apart from this the company also has introduced one stop service which helps is simple assistance to the shoppers. In case of AC’s the company gives warranty for 1 year or 2 years or 3 years. The customer can also register their complaint online.

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