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Voltas AC Repair & Service

In the current year Voltas AC has built a lead in sales crossing the annual sales of companies like LG and becoming the number 1 company to sell the maximum number of AC’s. The air-conditioner business contributes the maximum towards Voltas success and is the second largest revenue generator for the company. But like it happens buying the electronic item is just the start of your journey with the manufacturer. When the item is bought they is a requirement for time to time maintenance and repairs. This is taken care by the Voltas Service department.

The Voltas service team takes care of maintenance of the AC’s with the help of its database which records what kind of service requirements plan you will be interested in. The organization also has training program which shows its employees in explaining the detail performing of its products. In case there is any repairs required to be done the company also offers expertise assistance at your door step once you have registered your complain with their customer care. The company owns a wide network of customer care service centers to deal with your problems as soon as possible.

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